PAWS and Character Development

At Sir James Whitney, we believe that personal and social development and academic achievement go hand in hand. This year we have decided to combine our Positive Actions Will Succeed (P.A.W.S.) program with the Provincial Schools Branch Character Development character traits. Our focus on character education promotes the development of:

  • Respect – for others and self
  • Responsibility – for your actions
  • Honesty – always the best policy (in a kind and respectful way)
  • Self-discipline – following through with your goals
  • Teamwork – being actively involved in a group
  • Cooperation – working towards a common goal with others
  • Kindness – be considerate and thoughtful to others
  • Perseverance – when faced with a challenge ‘try, try again.’
  • Flexibility – be able to adapt plans when needed
  • Empathy – understanding how another person feels

Staff will be recognizing these character traits as they are demonstrated by our students on a daily basis by awarding a PAW identifying the student’s name and the characteristic they exhibited.  These paws will be collected on a weekly basis and students can submit their paws to the elementary and secondary boxes located in our main school office.  In addition, the elementary division and secondary division will be working in their respected groups to accumulate paws towards a common group goal.

The PAWS and Character Development program will also be reinforced throughout the campus including, but not limited to, student lodging, student health services, athletic services, and food services.

This cross-campus approach allows us to present a united front and have common expectations, as well as reinforcing to our students that positive behaviours are expected in all areas.

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